Breakthrough Energy Movement 2013



The second annual Breakthrough Energy Movement event held in Boulder, Colorado this past weekend was what some might call a conference for spirit scientists. I don’t personally consider myself a scientist but I have a passion for ecology, technology and spirituality and “Global BEM” as one of the Dutch founders, Jeroen van Straaten calls the movement, is all about bringing the world new and alternative energy and much, much more. Whether “free energy” comes from technological advancements discovered by Nicola Tesla in the 1800’s (and repressed by JP Morgan so he could make his millions with electrical lines as opposed to cheap wireless technology), or from the hands of an experienced healer, energy will one day be clean and free just like the air we breathe.

One of the most powerful quotes from the three days of presentations was from Thrive creator, Foster Gamble:

Our resources are infinite only if we live in harmony with the planet.

Foster also said that any kind of fusing or burning process will not get us any closer to free energy, instead we need to master the understanding of the Torus and the electromagnetic field which not only surrounds the planet but the human body as well. Burning fossil fuels or extracting gas by fracturing is clearly not the answer, yet we keep investing and plugging into the grid because technically we have no choice.  It was clear not only to me but to everyone in the room that he is coming from love and that he might very well have the power and integrity to bring the world more choices.

Global BEM kicked off the last night’s presentations with a classic scene from the movie NETWORK: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Gamble is still stuck dealing with NDAs instead of an open source, shared knowledge base. Imagine a Facebook for free energy enthusiasts and inventors where they could post their ideas and experiments in one place. What if we built a free energy project like an open source piece of software that works like WordPress or Firefox, for example. Sadly, it’s still too splintered and ego-driven. There were a few people at the conference that still had the “what I’m doing is way better” attitude. That isn’t going to get us anywhere.

global bem
Founders of Global BEM thank the crowd for a successful sold out conference.

Open source was one of the topics covered by Russ Gries but it should be in the forefront of this movement. Other topics covered (also discussed in the second episode of this podcast) is the universe’s ability to self-organize in reference to zero-point energy (the phenomenon of synchronicity may also prove this) according to Ken Shoulders.  At times difficult to follow if you are not a genius, his presentation  still deeply resonated with me and the attendees. Resonance was one of the buzz words of the conference and Sterling D Allan drove the concept home in his presentation.

Presenters also talked about giving cold fusion devices to Native American communities.  This triggered a flashback of the first time I was exposed to a reservation while driving through Tuba City, Arizona where Hopi Indians live in small dusty shacks. How can we live with ourselves while human beings are suffering so much? Foster Gamble also talked about bringing free energy devices to Africa so that children can have a light source at night in order to work on their homework. Most would agree that when human beings learn to live with compassion only then will we receive free energy. As a whole we are still too caught up in NDAs, patents and the dollar bill to bring the world free energy. These systems are clearly broken so why do we still play the game? The aggressive style of Dr David Martin’s “Shock Therapy: Unplugging the Electricity Addition”  was a wake up call to free energy idealists who still can’t understand why we don’t have free energy. Greed once again comes into play and according to Dr. Martin, Nicola Tesla was also blinded by money.

The top 1% global power elite are very aware of patents filed for devices that will threaten their oil or gas burning monopolies. Foster Gamble warned inventors against going that route. Inventors have been murdered and are constantly threatened attempting to bring alternative energy to the world as documented in his film, Thrive. Dream big, but think small was stressed by Catherine Austin Fitts in her presentation. Share it with others, post it on YouTube. Some day the right person will connect the dots.

Ken Rhola also blew minds when he eloquently explained how scalar energy works and shared techniques that can neutralize radiation from chem trails. I’m very much looking forward to sharing this presentation when Global BEM posts this online! David Icke also gave an inspiring tour of the new People’s Voice news network production studios via skype.

The evening panels moderated by Humanitad founder, Sacha Stone, were the highlight of the conference. His sophisticated sense of humor and elegant monologues were coupled with difficult questions which more often than not received profound answers by panel members such as Michael Tellinger. Tellinger’s work is integral to the breakthrough energy movement. Tellinger stressed “we cannot go against the harmonic resonance of the universe” and urged inventors to replicate an experiment in which water was boiled with sound.  He also asked inventors to figure out what the resonance frequency is in order to boil water. Look to our ancestors, our creator gods (gods with a little “g”) for these answers. A civilization from 100,ooo years ago in South Africa understood resonance and the electromagnetic field in ways that we have only dreamed.

Sacha Stone addressed our international “leadership” with a powerful and eloquent monologue.

An anti hydraulic fracking activist also reminded people that fracking is one of the most serious assaults on our planet. This destructive gas mining technique that defies all logic uses tremendous amounts of water while also contaminating aquifers.  Sadly the process does not fall under the Clean Water Act. If you you have been living under a rock and do not realize how desperate the situation is please watch Gasland 1 & 2.

Each day more and more people awaken to the “dumbing down of America“, the psyops/ mind control campaigns, the war on drugs, the destruction of the environment, Monsanto GMOs (buy organic!), the manipulation of currencies and on and on. According to Dr David Martin, the dessert country of Saudi Arabia will be backing a new currency with water instead of oil (Texas could learn from their “enemy”). Is logic finally overcoming greed?

The powers that be may be hitting us from all directions but if we can learn to replace the fear with action, little by little we can take back our beautiful blue planet from the gods (with a little g) so that God with the big G can fill the hearts and minds of humanity once again. Global BEM is a one of a kind conference and the founders and presenters of this small but passionate movement just might be the group of people to help get us back on track.

There’s also some coverage of the conference in the first part of episode 2 of this podcast. Listen here or subscribe via iTunes.