The Mirror World, Mass Surveillance, and What We Can Do to Change It

The Mirror World, Mass Surveillance, and What We Can Do to Change It

Not only is another world possible; she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. –Arundhati Roy 

This is a statement that I’m sending to document the fact that I am a survivor of ongoing torture tactics. For a period of several weeks, I received electric shocks that pulverized my body from head to toe, experienced severe blows to my head and eyes (crown chakra and pineal gland), and experienced phases of feeling so intensely drugged and knocked out that I could barely function. For the record, I am 100% sober and straight edge, a vegan with a very rarified diet, and I work out seven days a week.

In addition to being physically and mentally tortured, I am now being followed and stalked by agents. Two men showed up today at my gym and I crossed paths with them “by chance” after my work-out. As I did so, I heard one say to his colleague, “Turn around; it’s her.” They then proceeded to stare me down as we all walked to our cars and they followed me as I left and journeyed home. I hear death threats and my dreams and journeys in these inner worlds all reveal exactly what people like Stuart Wilde and others warned humanity about: now is the time when humanity’s collective shadow and darkness rises to the surface for us to see, observe, understand, process, heal, and transform into something different.

Unless we look at the collective ugliness which we are all partially responsible for, we can’t reach the beauty that we are also capable of creating together. “Humanity’s darkness comes out to be destroyed,” and we are all here to bare witness to that event. However, that darkness and shadow is the precise source of things like the NSA, executive orders that completely insult the Constitution or the founding parents of the nation, and rob human beings of their divine right to be free, autonomous, sovereign individuals who bare unique energetic signatures and modes of expression. If we take back our power as strong individuals with no fear of the dark, then we can process the shadow rapidly to make way for a desirable version of the Brave New World.

Reality’s grand Doppleganger and the Individual’s power in an Inner World Dramatization

One of the most groundbreaking discoveries that the metaphysical author and healer, Stuart Wilde, is responsible for is the Aluna (Spanish for “Of the Moon”) Spirit World, also known as the “Mirror World” which stands opposite to this one. It essentially represents the spiritual, metaphysical equivalent of humanity’s collective consciousness. Every thought that we have goes to create something: like an algorithm of its own with its own equation, which also takes the form in our consciousness of angels, demons, dragons, fairies, or anything else we’ve imagined as humans since the dawn of our evolutionary leap from the reptilian to the prefrontal cortex (the “God-brain”).

In other words, the Mirror World is where Carl Jung derived his rolodex of humanity’s symbols and archetypes, and it’s where Joseph Campbell and other anthropologists, sages, and teachers of the ancient wisdoms all receive downloads and information about the hidden nature of our 3-D physical reality. What we experience in our physical world is actually the product of energies that have taken place perhaps months ago in the Aluna because time moves faster in there and events that happen here are preceded by occurrences and happenings in there. The Mirror World is the place where everything from love affairs, marriages, and births, to wars, economic rises and falls, plots, false flags, and other secret operations are conceived and set in motion. Once something happens in the inner worlds, it is bound to surface at some point here in the physical plane.

The degree to which human beings wake up to their sacredness and the role that they play as co-creators in those inner worlds (which is, again, where everything a human being experiences happens first) is the degree to which we individually and collectively reclaim our power and potential to create a more beautiful world. It’s where peace can replace war, forgiveness and justice can replace misunderstanding and injustice. It’s also the place where you can perceive, through meditation and introspection, what is likely to occur down the road, which is why many prophets such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Stuart Wilde were often hugely successful and spot-on with their predictions about world events.

There is another side to the Mirror World that can heavily influence a person’s dreams. Dreams offer a doorway into those realms where everything takes place first before it happens here in our day-to-day reality. Everyone and everything on this planet has a mirror double–from a desk, chair, table, house, or car, to a human being, animal, plant, relationship, or anything else you could imagine. Everything carries a vibration, an equation, and a resonance that can be seen and felt in there just as it can be seen and felt here.

Turn up the volume on your dreams to discover the Truth about what’s happening on an Inner Plane

My dreams and visions have offered a gateway that made it possible to perceive those worlds. When I journeyed with metaphysical teachers who simply wanted to heal people, help them resolve their lives, and take care of the earth which is the only home we have to share together until a new world emerges, I became a target for harassment by those individuals or agencies that do not want to see humanity evolve and exhibit any modicum of individuality. I am also a musician, artist, photographer, and writer, and for a period of several months if not years, I hit a dry spell of creative productivity which I couldn’t trace until recently. Creativity was my first language, and it made no sense that I would have hit a block that I had to work so hard to overcome. I sought to determine the source, and what I discovered is intimately linked with the rise in mass surveillance of human thinking and activity. Predictive behavior technologies, mind control, hypnosis and brainwashing, physical torture, and a general assault on one’s sense of purpose, passion, or direction are all tactics that they have used to silence our “one inch of integrity” (hat tip to V for Vendetta).

Within the past couple of years since I’ve begun researching the true hidden nature of world events and the people who attempt to control and enslave humanity, I have become a further target of intense torture, ostracization, and unfair, unjust treatment at the hand of those who seek power and domination over a human beings divine right to be free. In the inner worlds, a person can actually meditate and observe how the fascist state is taking over and trying to control people with a new kind of terrorizing hypnosis that brainwashes them into silence. (Even now as I type this, I am experiencing pain which I will describe as a means of the torture that is coming to anyone who speaks out or stands to be counted.) And in dreams, I can absolutely see the beings that hide behind the disguise of agents in this world who actually inflict this torture on individuals who don’t jive with the status quo.

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