Google Ads suggest I join the CIA, FBI or DoD


Lately I’ve been fascinated with whistle blowers, false flag operations, UFOs and the NSA leaks which keep getting better and better by the day. Recently I’ve also discovered the RT show hosted by Abby Martin called “Breaking the Set” as well as The Truth Seeker (the guy hosting is no joke), and have just discovered Hanger 1, UFO files now that History channel is on Apple TV. I’m also excited about the recent success of other alternative TV networks such as The Young Turks.  In the case of the General Electric owned History channel, their shows more often than not promote half truths and half lies. I’ve deprogrammed myself enough to recognize many of these lies by cross referencing. However, I still get really pissed about the disinformation.  One could ague that some information is better than zero information.

I’ve also had very interesting email exchanges with a variety of folks who have been reaching out to me regarding what I would call pretty diabolical situations. Since the NSA can data mine my email for keywords it comes as no shock to me that every day I get CIA related ads, asking me to “advance my career, learn from former CIA, FBI & DoD”. These are three of the most corrupt agencies within the US government and here they are advertising to me, someone is who clearly in support of what they would call “the anti-establishment”.

Below is a screenshot of my ad settings. It’s also absolutely fascinating that google thinks I would be interested in renting jets! So according to them, since I talk about CIA related topics (just imagine what these “keywords” are) I would also be interested in public arrest records, buying a home and flying in jets! Oh and hiking in Joshua tree (the only ad out of 5 that I might be interested in).

google ad settings
For those of you also interested in these subjects and use gmail regularly, go to your ad settings and if you find something just as interesting contact me. I would love to know how their data mining technology is working for you!