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Shaking Reality is a progressive talk show which explores the changing world view and emerging new paradigm.

shaking reality

“Deep within well-established philosophies, religions and political mindsets, there are embedded messages and encoded languages that tend to shift the paradigm away from the established way of thinking. Once this new information is articulated and disseminated, established systems of spiritual belief and practice, are enhanced, expanded and in many cases re-write the history of a well-established, firmly entrenched philosophy. The end result is that the new twist can sometimes appear to be a ‘new awakening’ or ‘new conspiracy theory,’ when it is in reality an illumination of something that already exists; an expansion based on a fresher understanding of what was already there.” – Scott Alan Roberts

Katy Walker/ producer, writer, host

Katy’s interest in metaphysics and “thinking outside of the box” is easily expressed through music, visual art and film mediums. Her passion for stories, human rights, the environment, consciousness, and esoteric knowledge inspired her to create Shaking Reality in order to help shift the world view and prepare humanity for the next phase in our evolution. She also writes and produces music and documentaries and more via Things Are Changing ProductionsTwitter @katywalk

Jennifer Sodini/ writer, host

Jennifer Sodini is a spiritual visionary, author, and founder of the website She founded the website with the intention of establishing a peer to peer network for those looking to expand their consciousness through conversation and creative expression. She was taught Tarot by her grandmother at the age of 8, who submersed her in the mystic side of art, music, culture, and spirituality. She has been reading professionally for over 10 years, and teaches classes on “How to Unlock Your Psychic Potential”. Jennifer recently published a children’s book on consciousness entitled, The Unity Tree, and is working on a new book on spirituality entitled Esoterichick.

Darius Wigfall/ writer, host

Certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, Darius has been deep into my practice for 4 years conducting Reiki sessions to assist people in self healing. Darius completed the oneness awakening course brought from India in March 2013 which deepened my personal practice and ability to share healing with others. Darius is a licensed practitioner with the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Through Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Deeksha, Sacred Sexuality, Kemetic, and Indigenous studies and ceremonies.

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Interested in being a guest on our talk show? If you reside in the NYC area, just fill out the form below stating your name, phone number, the area of your expertise or the nature of your experience. We film at the BRIC media arts center in downtown Brooklyn, NY.

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